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A Writer's Book of Lists

Because Life is All About the Details

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Welcome to Writer's Almanac - a writer's book of lists. This community is designed to provide you with character development questions that you can use to develop your character. All original characters are welcome - from works of fiction or roleplaying games, as long as they are your own creation. No 'fandom' characters, please - there are plenty of other communities for that.

There will be four questions per month, plus one bonus essay question! Some questions address the character directly; others are directed towards the author. Though it's pretty easy to tell which, if you need clarification - just ask. Participation is optional - choose to answer the questions that inspire you, go back and look at past topics and answer them. Whatever. We're mellow.

Please let us know which question you are answering in your post.

New here, or introducing new character(s)? Feel free to make an introductory post! We will then list you and your character(s) in the user info. You can post for as many characters as you like- the more the merrier.


1. "Better lucky than good." Do you agree with this? Why?

2. Where are your scars, and how did you get the most interesting ones?

3. Talk about a childhood event that still affects you.

4. What's your favorite (and probably over-told) anecdote?

Bonus material: Character realism (a private exercise).

Think of someone you know in real life. Describe them, and try to capture their personality as accurately as possible. Then compare the answers you gave the real person against your fictional character. Take some time and reexamine how the study based on life differs from your usual work.


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