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February Prompt

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Mar. 2nd, 2008 | 01:07 pm
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posted by: calliopemused in writers_almanac

Hello! I'm new to this community and am responding to the dialog prompt twice, once for Ted (main character) and Cecile (coworker) and once for Ted and Oliver (reluctant friend, fellow intern). They're all characters from my somewhat-failed NaNoWriMo 2007, Joint, a story about creepy internships at technological institutes of dubious moral intention and accidental time travel involving cats, Tabasco sauce and crazy Victorians.

    "Want me to pick up lunch for you?"
    "If by 'lunch', Cecile, you mean 'impaled bit of meat deep fried in cheese', I'll pass."
    "Oh, then come with! There are lots of little joints. You could pick your own, Teddy"
    "Ted is not ordering food from a bored, desperate teenager in a polka-dotted bodysuit. That's dangerous."
    "I thought you were living on the edge."
    “Not on the edge of a teeming vat of oil, no.”
    “Oh. You know, I got the pattern for my uncle's sofa from those adorable uniforms. He's a bit color blind but he loves it, poor dear… You sure?"
    "I'm passing. Passing on the right side blasting music and speeding, by which I mean staying right here in the back of this seething mall in my nice cozy blue polo and name tag and computers."
    "Right… well, it's your lunch break."
    "I don't look at it as a break con almuerzo, I look at it as a break from explaining hyper! vacuuming! technology! and neurotic housewives and kids getting stuck in washing machines and you oh you're gone thank god."

    "God, Ted, not this one again. There's something fishy about a store that plays stuff like this incessantly."
    "There's something cesspit-y about stores like this in general. But yeah, the chick that wrote this had some bird fetish."
    "Not denying that, but what makes you think it was a woman?"
    "Come on, Ol, 'my true looove'? What self-respecting man would croooon about his true looove?”
    "Ones that moved past puberty. Like... Michael Bolton. Barry White. Elton John!"
    "Case in point. The key word was self-respecting. Exhibit B: Why were those lords a-leaping, eh wot? Why Jack be nimble I’ll just take a quick nip over the candlestick after this smidge of brekkers—"
    "Stop dancing around like an idiot! Hey, that's my travel toothbrush!"
    "—bally ho, wot wot, etc., stap me whiskers old fellow I seem to have— oh. Maybe a guy did write it."
    "It's the last blue one, give it— wait, what?"
    "You're the one that brought up Elton John."

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from: benaforn
date: Mar. 3rd, 2008 05:36 pm (UTC)

Ha! You've got some great banter. :)

Anyhow, welcome to the Writer's Almanac! It's been a bit quiet lately, but you're more than welcome to start writing conversations yourself, character profiles, ect.

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